Command them to do good, to Be Rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

1 Timothy 6:18

Every year we join together with hundreds of churches around the country and world in an effort to impact a difference on our local communities, to put our preverbal words into action and demonstrate Jesus calling in our lives to GIVE, to SERVE, and to LOVE.

Be Rich is so much more than this annual reminder of our calling, Be Rich is a regular part of who we are as a church at New Community. We believe that God works most through our generosity.  He works in and on our hearts, in our lives, and in the lives of those we are generous towards.  That is why we commit to giving out to our community and other partners around the world each and every month of the year under the same calling of Be Rich... to Give, Serve, and Love.

BE RICH Partners

The Bridge of Hope

In Africa The Bridge has partnered with area leaders to help rebuild community in the surrounding area of Makeni, Sierra Leone. Six churches have been planted and two primary schools have been built which provide jobs for pastors, teachers and staff along with the commitment to educate and feed over 700 children a meal every day in one of the poorest countries in the world.


Mike Silva International is an incredible organization that focuses all of its effort on latin speaking countries of the world.  Through compassion aid projects and church partnerships, they work tirelessly to not only solve the physical needs in their communities, but to deliver on spiritual needs by delivering the life changing message of Jesus Christ to tens of thousands through festivals.

Maple Valley Food Bank

The Maple Valley Food Bank works to provide food and emergency services to those in need, and seeks to educate, empower and engage the greater Maple Valley community in solving issues of hunger and nutrition.

Vine Maple Place

Vine Maple Place assists families in crisis by helping single parents and their children build lives of hope, stability, and greater economic self-sufficiency. They provide direct support services, which include financial literacy training, employment and livable-wage development, housing case management, counseling and life skills development, and child and youth services to families in and around the Maple Valley community.

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