Why We Love The Underdog

It is always amazing to me that our favorite stories are about people who started with little but gained much… or about teams that didn’t have a chance but won it all (cf 1980 Miracle on Ice!)… or about Russel Wilson always giving Seahawks fans hope in the 4th quarter…. or about startup companies that make it big
“God loves to use people whom everyone else has given up on.”Pastor Ken

Who doesn’t want to cheer for the underdog?!

But why? Why is it in us to love the story of someone, or a team, or a business doing something that no one thought they could?

Could it be that God places that “I love an underdog” attitude in all of us? If you think about it… God throughout the Bible loves the underdog! Jacob was chosen over Esau, Joseph saved his family while being in prison, David was considered the “runt of the litter” but became king, Esther was a hated Israelite but saved her nation. God loves to use people whom everyone else has given up on.

“Rahab the prostitute is another example. She was shown to be right with God by her actions when she hid those messengers and sent them safely away by a different road.James 2:25 NLT

Rahab may be the best story of God’s love for underdogs. She was a prostitute that was used by God! The original “Pretty Woman” story, yet her beauty was on the inside and her faith taught us all how to trust God despite our circumstances, despite our sin, despite the impossible odds.

How do you impress God with faith?
1) Expect God to work!
2) Make a “statement of faith”. Meaning write out faith stories of how God has provided for you!
3) Take an action step to show you believe! This is exactly what Rahab did!!

Stepping out in faith with you,
Pastor Ken
December 13, 2017